Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Miles, Beats, Swiss Chard and Raisins

Alarm was set for 6:30 am to get in the groove of running before the heat hits. 8:17 am, I was out the door for my 5 miler. I pumped myself up by saying 5 miles is nothing to the 13.16 you did on Sunday. Yet, my legs were heavy except for a few stride outs. I'm thinking maybe the shuffle of a run I do at times is less efficient than when I lengthen my stride and feel the pavment glide under my feet.

There's always something random I see on my runs and this time it was a skunk that was mowed over by those industrial lawn mowers. I know the grass gets really long in the park areas but to be able to run over a skunk? I had never seen a skunk that up close and personal. It was only 3 feet to the left of me.

When I arrived home I hopped on the computer to figure out what to make with this week's farm share. I love epicurious because you can put in an ingredient and it comes up with a variety of options. I found on Bon Apetit: Swiss Chard with Beets, Goat Cheese and Raisins.

I still need to pick up some goat cheese from the store but I'll just grab it on the way to work. :) It tastes delicious either way!

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